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EXPERTS FIRST is innovative. Visionary. Different. Genuine.
As an exclusive private practice for orthopaedics based in Heidelberg, we are a team of internationally renowned specialists under an extraordinary modern roof. For excellent results – and perfection in every detail.

As far as your own health is concerned: Once you have experienced excellence, average will never be good enough. In our Centre of Excellence we work with the perfect prerequisites and high-end technology for people who will accept nothing less than the best as far as their health is concerned.

With empathy and experience, our entire expertise is focussed on precisely one thing: you.

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Foot and spine surgery

Dr. med. Wolfram Wenz
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Akbar

Experts in foot and spine surgery
and paediatric orthopaedics.

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Experts in foot and spine surgery

The goal? Excellent results. The way? Expertise. The renowned Bone Docs, Dr. med. Wolfram Wenz and Prof. Dr. med. Michael Akbar, will use their many years of experience to provide your treatment. Since they have carried out a considerable number of successful operations, the two recognized orthopaedics experts are clinically and scientifically at the top level of experience and expertise. Whether you want expert advice, excellent treatment or a professional second opinion – EXPERTS FIRST will provide you with uncompromisingly good and exceptional services, whatever the problem.