Paediatric orthopedics

Our expert for paediatric orthopedics:
Dr. med. Wolfram Wenz.

Every person is different – and this is particularly evident during the growth phase. Because this is when any body can develop different bone or joint malformations. The main focus of paediatric orthopedics is on operative and conservative treatment of congenital or acquired problems in the foot and ankle area of children and adolescents.

An overview of my range of therapies for children and adolescents:

Hindfoot reconstructive surgery for
congenital and acquired deformities

The area of reconstructive hindfoot surgery deals with hindfoot disorders. Hindfoot surgery is a demanding challenge from a medical point of view, since there are only a few experienced specialists in this area. Dr. Wenz will provide you with his expertise in the following areas at EXPERTS FIRST:

Congenital club foot, particularly recurrent club foot surgery at any age

Neurogenic foot deformities (club foot, pigeon toes, planovalgus foot, drop foot and talipes calcaneus)

Operations in the area of
the lower extremities in the event of
neuro-orthopaedic diseases in childhood

Neuro-orthopaedics deals with numerous diseases that occur due to changes in muscle function and can therefore lead to functional or structural deformities in the musculoskeletal system. Neuro-orthopaedic diseases include:

Neuropathies (HMSN / CMT)

Polio or post-polio syndrome

Infantile cerebral palsy
- Combined bony / soft tissue multi-level operations
- Contracture elimination
- Foot corrections

Spina bifida ("open back", a congenital defect of the spine / the spinal cord)
- Function-improving operations to the knee/the foot

Reconstructive tendon surgery
after injuries / tendon ruptures

Dr. Wenz provides optimum care with professional orthopaedic surgery for injuries caused by accidents or ruptured tendons, such as the Achilles tendon.

Dr. med. Wolfram Wenz, paediatric orthopaedics

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