is a skill –
and an attitude.
Experts First Heidelberg

Our specialist concept:
Cumulative expertise.

EXPERTS FIRST – the experienced orthopaedic experts under a modern roof who work with uncompromising quality in accordance with internationally optimum standards and provide outstanding results. We work exclusively within our specialist area of orthopaedics. Our technical expertise is the result of many years of extensive theoretical and practical experience – which have made us the outstanding experts that we are now.

We can carry out practically any orthopaedic examination in our surgery using modern diagnostic procedures and professional high-end equipment – meaning that you don't require any other external appointments. Regardless of whether you would like us to treat you or get an experienced second opinion: we will look after you personally and without stress – and will take over responsibility at any time. We are available to you round the clock as your trustworthy contact partner.

Experts First in Heidelberg

Our philosophy:
real expertise doesn't require
a white coat.

Because real competence beats every cliché. Our EXPERTS are visionaries who are only satisfied with excellent results. Highly professional treatment, and care that is both kind and sympathetic.

As well as competence, we consider authenticity to be one of the most important values – because we perform our work with real passion and considerable motivation. We will not be satisfied until we have achieved an excellent result together with you.

We provide you with a unique service that is 100 % oriented to you in every detail in our Centre of Excellence. We take care of everything from the initial discussion to after-care with calmness and composure, and focus on your orthopaedic issue – whatever it may be. Nothing is impossible as far as we are concerned – because we will always find a way to provide you with useful advice or treatment. You're not just in good hands with us, you are in excellent hands!

Dr. Wolfram Wenz & Prof. Michael Akbar

Anything but a
classic practice:
our Centre of Excellence.

We put our faith in innovation at EXPERTS FIRST – and less in convention. Which is why you won't find anything average in our practice with regard to "Look & Feel". Our comfortable Centre of Excellence extends over 420 square metres in the new Bahnstadt district in the eastern part of Heidelberg.

With an extravagant design and appealing furnishings, our modern new building is an oasis of well-being which allows you to simply relax. Visiting us is a real experience, which you can clearly feel as soon as you enter the premises.

We would like to discuss even the smallest details with you and offer you a full service. This service begins, on request, with parking your car, continues with speaking your language and finishes with treatment perfectly adapted to you in a luxurious atmosphere.